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İl Sky

Building Elevators

Building elevators offer an excellent way to improve your quality of life and improve building accessibility. If you would like to experience this modern comfort and receive a professional elevator service, contact us and let's find the elevator solution that best suits your needs. 


Freight Elevators

Freight elevators are designed for use in various industries such as warehouse, factory or construction. Freight elevators speed up your work and increase your work safety.

Freight elevators prioritize customer satisfaction and business efficiency and provide trouble-free service for years. You can optimize your business processes by saving both your time and energy.

Moncharger Elevators

Moncharger elevators are used to transport materials and goods between floors in restaurants, hospitals, libraries, industrial facilities and office buildings. The short installation time ensures that the disruption that the elevator installation may cause to other works on the site is minimized. We have a comprehensive range of platform and overhead lifts, whether indoor or outdoor, where you will be sure to find a product to suit your specific and individual needs and conditions.


Panoramic Elevators

Panoramic Elevators, which are frequently preferred in Shopping Malls, hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers, in addition to their visual appeal, transform the elevator journey from a functional journey into an enjoyable one. Thanks to hydraulic and electric drive systems, Astem Elevator can produce a wide range of placement solutions in panoramic elevators, and with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System  Safety and quality are assured.


Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic elevators elevate both your interiors and workplaces with their modern design and powerful performance. They offer an ideal solution in your workplace or living spaces with their high carrying capacity and quiet operation. It is a precision-engineered, cost-effective and environmentally safe product that has proven itself in terms of safety and reliability.


Machine Roomless Elevators

With Astem's machine room-less elevator systems, you can use your living spaces and workplaces more efficiently with features such as less energy consumption, lower operating costs and faster installation.

Machine room-less elevators are a satisfactory option in terms of both aesthetics and functionality with their environmentally friendly design, modern appearance and high performance. Contact our experts for machine room-less elevator solutions that suit the needs of your project.

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